Playground of possibilities.
Kabocha is a self-evolving, self-governing, decentralised organism, made up of a community of creative beings.
  • We fund creative projects and retain genesis assets, shares and rights in the projects we fund, together.

Sovereign Emergent Identity

The Kabocha Seed is your identity graph, and based on your contributions and relationships. It is a centrepiece of Kabocha.


Our distribution and governance is fair, transparent and decentralised at launch, thanks to spawning from the Edgeware network.

Experimental process

Collaborative creation and shared ownership of group assets. We craft new realities through direct participation, collaborative creation and shared values and greatness. We self-fund projects incentivising active contribution as well as more passive staking.

Stripe for Web3

Our subscription pallet enables people or organisations to charge automated payments with KAB to their members, enabling the richness of web2 internet but with sovereignty of web3.


Like multisig but with superpowers, Supersig enables DAO to be created, where they can add or remove members and come to collective decision making with 51% majority, and a master superuser feature.

Dilute for value

Funding proposals put on-chain and voted on will mint new KAB, thus diluting in return for value add by fuelling real contributions.